Ayaka Noda

Ayaka Noda is cashier at a local store in Okawaramachi. She was a classmate of Minoru's in middle school. She claims to have had an attraction for him since middle school and was eager to date him. Even though her father clearly didn't approve.


Minoru and Ayaka met at workplace while he was buying some things.She then admitted to be an old classmate of his and admitted she had been attracted to him. Minoru became smitten by her and the two started a relationship.

Ayaka was full aware that Minoru was part of a Yakuza but continued to date him; despite her father's disapproval. According to Noda, the two had gotten into a nasty fight over the relationship. Upon hearing this, Kumiko immediately asked Minoru if he was serious about her.

When he admits he is, she announces he must leave the Kuroda family and try adapting to a normal life. Mostly because she knew her father would never approve of Minoru if he continued working for a Yakuza. Ayaka quickly dumped Minoru after he quit his work to become a fish monger. Ayaka wanted to be the wife of a Yakuza member living what she saw was a beautiful and dangerous life.


Ayaka appears normal, sweet, and charming. But judging by how she only was interested in Minoru because of his status, she may be a bit materalistic and shallow. That or she found her old life very boring and thought being involved with a Yakuza member would make it exciting.