The manga Gokudo no Sensei serialized Morimoto Kozueko in year 1999 is a high school comedy basing upon teaching adventures of female teacher Yamaguchi Kumiko, who is also a yakuza descendent of the Kuroda Family and granddaughter of the sandaime head Kuroda Ryuiichiro, in delinquent/drop-out student all boys school, Shirokin High school as the homeroom and math teacher of 2-4 (second year class 4), later 3-4 (third year class 4).

The story begins with addition of two female teachers to Shirokin High School, 23 year old Yamaguchi Kumiko as homeroom & math teacher to class 2-D and Fujiyama Shizuka as music teacher, unaware of the notorious reputation of the school students in the academic society as trouble makers and drop-outs of their previous schools.

Being female teachers, another teacher asks them to attire themselves in their sports dress and track suits to keep them safe from the ravenous student body.Yamaguchi, being a newly minted teacher with her first teaching at Shirokin finds herself face to face with the rebel students of class 2-4 following a student by the name of Sawada Shin. He's the class leader of 2-4. Everyone in the class looks up to him. With her eccentric teaching method and her code of honor, wins over all of the students.