Kouda sensei (right)

Kouda is the teacher of one of the 3rd year classes at Shirokin. Not much from him stands out, aside from mostly seen helping Iwamoto's group trying to keep the boys in check. Aside from Yamaguchi, he's also the third male faculty member to wear glasses


Kouda sensei is one of the background characters. He's often seen alongside Iwamoto and his group at the school; mostly to keep the boys in check. Though the students rarely take them seriously. But like the rest of the staff, he is protective of the students. When Tsurta returns and the 3rd year class and the 2nd year start fighting, Kouda was quick to defend his class. Though it caused some friction between him and Miss Fujiayama due to everyone bickering thinking that one class is acting worse than the others.

When Yamaguchi also made the chairman sign a contract to give them time to build the school's reputation in sports; he was also one of the many to volunteer. He volunteered to start a water polo team. Since he was an Olympic water polo champion. Much to the surprise of the staff, particularly Fujiayama who was surprised by his physique.