The Kuroda Family (also referred to as the Ooedo Clan) iis one of the most influential yakuza groups in Japan despite its small size. Originally, the lands belonged to a famous landlord known as the Takatou Family. The landlord, at the time, Takatou Shuuzou hired a few men as his bodyguards. One of the bodyguards named Kuroda Torakichi, was well known and eventually began to be regonized as their leader. Its during this time that Shuuzou's only daughter soon fell for Torakichi.

The father soon found out and sent him away. But Shuuzou's daughter followed and left the house the Takatou House. They eloped and started a new life in the town of Oogawara. Five years later the Kuroda family began to develop with other men who looked up to Torakichi and followed him to the other town. It was with those three men that the Kuroda family first started.

Decades passed and the Kuroda family grew. Torakichi would eventually reconcile with Shuuzou before dying. Upon his death, the couple recieved a great sum of Shuuzou's properties. Torakichi would give a majority of it away to those who had served the Takatou family. Years later Torakichi's daughter Fukiko, fell in love with Yamamoto Isojirou.

Eventually another daughter is soon born, Kyouko and she falls for Ryuuichirou Inaba (which eventually changes to Kuroda). Its been noted that for some reason, Kuroda family only births one child per generation, specifically a daughter. For the continuity of their family and group, the man who marries the Kuroda heiress takes on her last name and becomes the next leader of the Kuroda Family. However, when Ryuuichirou and Kyouko hand Yuriko, things changed., She had no intentions of following the family lineage. Though not many knew of her romance with fellow member Kousuke. Her story with Kousuke ended when she left and he went to form his own group, respectfully.

With Yurkio's death, Kumiko is somewhat expected to follow into her grandfather's footsteps. But she's so far not shown much interest. Though she has sometimes taken her grandfather's position when his health problems have gotten in the way.

The group is based in Kamiyama City.


  • Kuroda Torakichi
  • Yamamoto Isojiro - Kuroda Isojiro
  • Inaba Ryuichiro - Kuroda Ryuichiro

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