Kyotaro Oshima (大島 京太郎 Ōshima Kyōtarō) is a member of the Kuroda Family Yakuza group. He is the second in command of the clan when Kuroda Ryuichiro is not present. He is often referred to as the "young chief" and as Kyo-san. He is also the one who was in charge of taking care of Yamaguchi Kumiko when she had begun living at the Kuroda Family household, and was the one to teach her how to fight.


Kyo was given the task by Ryuichiro to be Kumiko's caretaker while she lived under their roof. He became the closest thing Kumiko has had to a father figure.

Kyo doesn't appear until Chapter 20 in the manga. He had been serving a three year prison sentence and was just released. He was welcomed warmly by Kumiko and the rest of the Kuroda group.


Kyotaro has slicked back, Elvis styled red hair and brown eyes. His skin is a medium dark tan, and a scar runs diagonally over his left eye. He can almost always be seen wearing a white suit over a dark colored button up shirt.



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