Shinohara is the lawyer for the Ooedo Clan as a way to repay what he feels is a debt to Kumiko's grandfather.Kumiko has been smitten with him for a long time, though he seemed very oblvious to it.


In the manga and anime, Shinohara is the lawyer that works for Kumiko's Yakuza group. He's handsome and cool. Kumiko's grandfather helped Shinohara back when he was a law student, and Shinohara works for the Yakuza to repay the favor. Kumiko has had a crush on him for a long time where in the drama she gets a crush on the new guy of the series, oddly though the P.E. teacher showed genuine feelings for her but during the time she is too star-stuck by her new crush to notice. In the manga it is possible he returned Kumiko's feelings, near the end he asks her to go back home with him. But after thinking it over, she declines and he understands. He's very well aware of Shin's feelings and encourages him to look after her. At the end of the series he returns to his hometown after his father was getting out of the hospital.