Tanukibara Kaichou

Tanukibara was the leader of the Tanukibara group and was a long time associate and friend to Ryuichiro Kuroda. He held both Ryu and his granddaughter Kumiko in high regards.


When there rumors that the Kuroda clan had been invading his terrority, Tanukibara was quick to ask for a meeting. But since Ryuichiro was unable to attend, Kumiko came in his place. Tanukibara was very impressed by her spirit and could see that she had nothing but respect for him and the others. So when she insisted that it was others from the Nekomata group, he believed her and said they'd keep an eye out for them.

He would later return to talk to Ryuichiro privately on the matter of a possible suitor for Kumiko. Apparently a 2nd generation boss who had accompanied him to their meeting was smitten with her. He sought out her hand, much to the surprise of the other members. Reluctantly, Kumiko agreed for a meeting. But before anything began, Kumiko begged that it go on her terms. Tanukibara was curious to see what she had in store so he and the boss agreed. Kumiko asked to fight the suitor, stating she would not have a husband weaker than her. He was more than eager to see the outcome and welcomed the good fight.

Kumiko defeated her suitor, who was only more determined to train better and someday win. Though both Tanukibara and Ryuichiro secretly believed it'd take years before he was as strong as her.

After her trip from Okinawa, she was surprised to learn that he had passed away peaceful in his sleep. 


As a Yakuza boss, he was very serious on important matters. Though those aside, he was a very happy person and had a good humor. He especially enjoyed Kumiko's firey spirit and enjoyed watching her brawl and show gumption when she had to take role. Gender roles or traditions didn't seem to even bother him so much. When Kumiko demanded a fight with a suitor, Tanukibara was more than open to it. He watched the brawl with much enthusiasm.