Tenkai face
Tenkai Kumichou

Uncle Tenkai (by Kumiko)



Hair Color


Professional Status

Ooedo Clan (alley)
Tenkai Group (leader)

Base of Operations

Tenkai Group building

Personal Status

Ryūichirō Kuroda (close friend and alley)


Keiji Okuda
Masakazu Kohara


Marc Shanahan
Ed Paul

Tenkai Kumichou, is a the leader of the Tenkai group. He refers to Ryuichiro Kuroda as "Anki" which means older brother. This means they have a senior-junior business relationship in the Yakuza world. He's considered a friend of the Kuroda family and thus, Kumiko has referred to him as "Uncle Tenkai" out of respect. He's always seen with his sunglasses on and never takes them off.


Tenkai is very serious when it comes to Yakuza matters. That aside, he's a bit of a goof. At least to Kumiko's memories, as respectful as she was to him. She has memories of him being a silly drunk sometimes. And he also tends to follow trends to keep him healthy. During a visit, Kumiko noticed all of his members were laughing. Tenkai had been following suggestions of an apparent "guru" who said laughter would help; much to her annoyance.            


Tenkai first appeared chapter six (episode 10 in the anime) to consult with Ryuichiro about troubles occurring in his territory. Nekomata group had been invading land in the Shirogane. Though he had hoped Ryuichiro would help, Wakamatsu explains that he's in the hospital and that Kumiko's been left in charge. However, Kumiko sees no reason not to offer help and agrees to help Tenkai. After which, he tells Kumiko he also asked for help from Tanukibara-Aki and Uma-no-o-kumi. In addition, he had set up meeting to occur with the three to discuss the matter further. Kumiko appeared and had impressed all three men.         

He would reappear in chapter 28(episode 10 in anime), Kumiko would approach her "uncle" after finding drugs at her school (in the anime it was a cat pin). He's outraged to hear that punk's been selling drugs in his territory. He goes on to explain they keep their hands off drugs. And that they kick out any that are buying or selling. Though it does reaffirm to her, that her uncle's group has nothing to do with what's currently happening. She then asks permission to investigate the matter.          

He agrees, though he knows she'd had done it even if he told her no. He only requested that she be careful.         



In the anime, his reason is somewhat altered. There were some incidents involving other clans being attacked, Tetsu and Minoru had been accused (or more or less indicated) of attacking members of the other clans. In the manga, he tells Kumiko that hooligans from the Nekomata group had been stirring trouble in his terrority. So instead of meeting other leaders for counsel on the Nekomata, anime Kumiko goes to speak on behalf of her men.